We met Marc in the beginning of 2019.
He is founder of photokinetic, a system to plant grass on buses,
so that while driving through the city, they produce oxigen.

The video was filmed in Barcelona and Girona, where
Marc and his family are based.


In 2018 we filmed for “Interview of my life”. Bettina, who initiated the project,
has the mission to pass on life lessons from the elderly and thereby intensify the
dialogue between generations.

Detailed interviews with your (grand) parents will be designed into
a hand-manifactured book, which enhances a deeper understanding
of what your personal family history is.

The film was made in Bettinas town of birth.
Today she is living with her own family in Hamburg, Germany.


Creative Team DULLY & DAX,

Illustrator Sabine Dully and author Eva Dax have written and illustrated
children’s and picture books,  which have been published all over the world.
As a modern creative team, they have also develop narrative worlds,
concepts for children’s media and an entire app cosmos.

This video was filmed in Cologne, Germany and you can see more videos
about their projects on their webpage!


Founder elUP, Barcelona,

IN PROGRESS – in the heart of Barcelona, you find elUp. A space that offers facilities for courses, seminars and training that work on the development and research of the human being in its multiple dimensions. A space open to creative activities and experimentation and transformation of consciousness.